Once Upon a Time First Look: Snow Teaches Princess Jasmine a Lesson

Once Upon A Time Spoilers

It turns out Jasmine and Snow White have more in common than just being famous princesses. They’re also… co-workers?

Sunday’s Once Upon a Time finds Snow returning to Storybrooke Elementary School, where Jasmine — or whatever she’s going by these days — is also working as a teacher. TVLine has exclusive photos of the ladies working together, and it seems like Jasmine (played by Galavant‘s Karen David) is getting a few much-needed pointers from an old pro.

Of course, Sunday’s Once offers merely a taste of the Agrabah action to come; the show’s Oct. 23 episode, appropriately titled “Street Rats,” delves deeper into Aladdin and Jasmine’s backstory.

Browse our gallery of first-look photos of Jasmine on Once Upon a Time, then drop a comment with your own hopes for the iconic princess below.

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