SNL Mocks Trump's 'Tapegate' Apology

Was there ever any doubt Saturday Night Live would go there?

As expected, SNL in its cold open lampooned the firestorm surrounding the leaked tape that’s currently imperiling Donald Trump’s campaign. The explosive video — released Friday via the Washington Post — captured a lewd, sexist conversation between Trump and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

With Alec Baldwin once again portraying Trump, the skit satirized the Republican nominee’s subsequent videotaped apology. SNL‘s version of the mea culpa found Trump being interviewed by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (played by Cecily Strong).

“I was trying to look cool,” Baldwin’s Trump said of the leaked video. “What normal red-blooded American doesn’t want to impress Billy Bush?”

He then apologized to anyone who was offended by his remarks, as well as those who “were turned on by them, I hear it’s really 50/50.”

The cameras later cut to Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, where Kate McKinnon’s Hillary — in mid-celebration — feigned disgust at Trump’s ugly comments.

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