The Daily Show Dubs Racist Fox News Segment 'Garbage Attempt at Comedy'

The Daily Show‘s Ronny Chieng obliterated Fox News on Thursday for producing what he dubbed “2016’s worst racism.”

Trevor Noah’s senior media correspondent condemned The O’Reilly Factor for a recent field piece that sent Jesse Watters to Chinatown to speak to people about the first presidential debate. The segment, which Watters later tweeted was meant to be taken in jest, found him polling Chinese-American citizens who couldn’t speak English about the upcoming election, all because Donald Trump mentioned China 12 times during his showdown with Hillary Clinton.

“They say China in the debate so you go to Chinatown in New York? When they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell?” asked Chieng. “That’s like if they brought up women’s rights so I decided to go to Fox News to get some opinions.”

Chieng was especially perturbed to see Watters ask Chinese-Americans about ethnic stereotypes. After asking one man about karate, which is Japanese, it cut to a clip of him in a Tae Kwon Do studio, which is Korean.

“What the hell was that? How is that on the news? …If you want to come at Chinese people, make fun of China’s high pollution, or the fact that they censor most of the Internet, which in this case might actually be a good thing since no person in China will ever have to watch your garbage attempt at comedy.”

Later, Chieng visited Chinatown to ask people what they thought of Watters’ controversial segment.

Watch Chieng’s takedown above, as well as the original O’Reilly segment below.