Chicago Fire Premiere Sneak Peek: Will Gabby's Worst Nightmare Come True?

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Chicago Fire‘s Gabby has worked hard to become a firefighter, but her new role as foster mom is causing her to second-guess that career choice.

In this exclusive video from next Tuesday’s Season 5 premiere (NBC, 10/9c), Gabby confides in Herrmann her fears about little Louie becoming an orphan again due to her and boyfriend Casey’s dangerous professions.

“Casey and I are running into the same burning building,” she muses, tearfully. “And sometimes, things go wrong, and if they do, then Louie’s… alone again.”

“You just discovered the hardest part of this job for any of us mothers [and] fathers,” Herrmann responds, before reassuring her, “You are a great firefighter, and you are a great mother. You got this.”

Press PLAY below to watch the emotional moment, then hit the comments with your thoughts on whether the firefighter is right to be worried.

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