Conviction Premiere: Is Hayley Atwell's Legal Drama Worth a Second Look?

Conviction Recap

From a human resources standpoint, Conviction‘s Hayes Morrison is kind of a nightmare. In her first five days on the job, Hayley Atwell’s character called her co-worker a “moron,” day-drank in her office and pretended to do coke in front of her boss.

Fortunately, Hayes is also a damn good investigator, which might explain why New York District Attorney Conner Wallace (CSI: NY‘s Eddie Cahill) was so quick to pluck her from a jail cell — Hayes is #SorryNotSorry for partying! — and offer her a job leading his new Conviction Integrity Unit. I suppose it also doesn’t hurt that Hayes is the former First Daughter of a political puppet master.

On Monday’s premiere, Hayes and her team — a motley crew of diverse minds from occasionally shady backgrounds — gave their first assignment a “happy ending” by proving the innocence of a man arrested for murder eight years prior… but not without spilling a few of their own secrets along the way, at least to the audience.

Frankie (Graceland‘s Manny Montana), for example, might have a secret incarcerated boyfriend from his own days in prison, while Tess (The Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney) appears to be connected to a previous case that was thrown out for lack of DNA evidence. And then there’s Maxine (Alias‘ Merrin Dungey), whose squeaky clean exterior could very well be concealing the team’s most twisted secrets. (Maybe someone should offer her a bowl of coffee ice cream.)

As for Sam (The Following‘s Shawn Ashmore), there was never any mystery about his issue: He’s just really salty about being passed over for Hayes’ job.

And now, I leave you with the following thoughts:

* “Oprah has been dying to have me on.” (What show was Hayes’ mom talking about, exactly? Didn’t The Oprah Winfrey Show end in 2011?)

* Speaking of Hayes’ mom, did anyone else find that speech about Hayes not living up to her potential a little too relatable? I could have sworn my mother was speaking through Bess Armstrong.

* What would Conner have done if that was actually coke Hayes was snorting?

* Lastly, I’m just going to say it: There wasn’t nearly enough of Hayes’ brother (Looking‘s Daniel Franzese) in this — and on Mean Girls Day, no less.

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