Should Once Un-Hook Before Foreplay? Did Trump Whiff on Debate Prediction? This Is Us Makeup Miss? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, Designated Survivor and Empire!

1 | Are we to surmise that MacGyver‘s team didn’t bother to retrieve Nikki’s “dead” body, for a proper funeral back home?

2 | Um, Once Upon a Time‘s Emma is OK with Hook not immediately removing his pointy prosthetic as heavy petting gets underway? Also, if Hyde doesn’t start talking faster, will Season 6 need to add episodes?

3 | Since Fear the Walking Dead‘s Brandon had no trouble killing lifelong pal James, why did he leave behind Travis rather than murder him?

4 | Now that we know that Masters of Sex‘s NCIS: LAArt and Nancy have an open marriage, how soon before one of them is hooking up with either Bill or Virginia?

5 | Safe to say that NCIS: Los Angeles is the first show to cover up an actress’ baby bump by pinning her under a helicopter for most of an episode?

6 | We know she has another series coming up and all, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Power get Anika Noni Rose as a regular next season? (Because Jukebox is scary.)

7 | Remember when Donald Trump said no one would watch the debate because it was up against Monday Night Football? Eighty-four million is a lot of no ones.

8 | Keeping in mind that Kevin Can Wait is only aspiring to be a familiar four-camera sitcom, wasn’t Episode 2 a vast improvement over the pilot — so much so that perhaps they should’ve just scrapped Episode 1?

9 | Mandy Moore is an exceptional actress, and with no disrespect to the This Is Us makeup department, but would NBC’s rookie drama have been better served casting an age-appropriate actress to play a 60-something Rebecca in the present day? And after the show’s latest twist – grandma Rebecca is married to Jack’s best friend, Miguel – are you more convinced than ever that her first hubby is dead?

10 | Did this NCIS suspect give you an Ally Sheedy-in-Breakfast Club vibe? Question stricken, the larger Breakfast Club theme was not picked up on. #LaundryFolding

11 | Was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking a dig at Agent Carter‘s cancellation, with Coulson lamenting that “so many” of Peggy’s stories were “left unrecorded”?

12 | Is that really a thing, Blindspot? Shooting a hail of bullets into a bomb to not explode it?

13 | Not 24 hours after the attack, is the mood on Designated Survivor more “train derailment” than “half of the nation’s Capitol got blown up, killing hundreds”?

14 | Should Criminal Minds have held back on the shiny, new opening credits until the dust had settled later this month on all the cast changes?

Code Black15 | Rob Lowe’s Code Black introduction — which included the David Caruso-ing of his sunglasses and jumping out of a helicopter into shark-infested waters — could have easily been a scene from the show-within-a show on the dearly departed Grinder, right?

16 | Now that Empire‘s Anika has given birth, how is it that Andre hasn’t thrown her ass off of a balcony for her role in Rhonda’s death?

17 | Aren’t you happy that Lethal Weapon‘s Murtaugh retired his incessantly beeping heart-rate monitor?

18 | On SVU, where was Dodds during Joe Biden’s big press conference with the unit?

19 | Were you surprised that Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay and Halstead discussed moving in together, but hadn’t said “I love you” to each other yet?

20 | On black-ish, how relieved were you when Bow’s obstetrician finally located the baby’s heartbeat?ahs-incredibles

21 | OK, American Horror Story viewers, who wore the hairdo better — Roanoke’s Cricket… or The Incredibles’ Edna Mode?

22 | His PTSD notwithstanding, wouldn’t You’re the Worst‘s Edgar have a much better life if he had, y’know, friends who actually cared about him?

23 | Did Grey’s Anatomy forget that DeLuca is Arizona’s roommate? Even if she wasn’t going to support him in court — after he testified for her during her custody battle — shouldn’t she at least have phoned in to check on him after Alex beat him senseless? Also TVLine reader Mimi asks: “April is an attending surgeon at one of the best privately owned hospitals in the country, and she can’t afford a baby nurse for six or so weeks?”

24 | Would Pitch‘s Amelia have actually greenlit Ginny’s “clubhouse decorator” shtick on Kimmel? Wouldn’t that have undercutProject Runway her female empowerment “message”?

25 | Project Runway‘s blacklight challenge was lots of fun and Erin definitely deserved to win, but how did this ruffled wonder not make the Top 3?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!