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Younger's Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff Talk Wildest Season 3 Premiere Twists

Younger Recap

Liza received a most unwelcome warning atop Younger‘s third season premiere on Wednesday, forcing the faux millennial to eat her words — literally.

During a staff meeting with Empirical’s latest “it” author, everyone on the marketing team was asked to write down their four biggest priorities, the last of which “will destroy you.” (I’ll give you one guess which gentlemen’s names appeared in Liza’s fourth quadrant, which ended up in her mouth to avoid being read aloud.)

The episode found Liza playing her usual games — eating donuts with Josh before blowing off their concert plans, then bailing on drinks with Charles to avoid being seen by the parents’ of one of Caitlin’s classmates. And it doesn’t sound like we should expect Liza to hand out her final rose anytime soon.

“I want Liza to sow her oats,” Sutton Foster tells TVLine. “She needs to do it. She’s being handed all the candy and she’s like, ‘You know what? I’m going to eat all this candy until I can’t eat anymore.’ It’s a little selfish and f–ked up at times, but it’s fun and dangerous and complicated.”

HORSING AROUND | Meanwhile, Kelsey remained steadfast in her mission to access “cyber ghost” Thad’s laptop, while simultaneously suppressing her guilt over his death. “Maybe I was marrying Thad just to prove everyone else wrong,” she eventually told Liza. “And when he died, a tiny part of me felt relieved, because now I didn’t have to marry him.” Of course, Liza wasn’t the first person to hear Kelsey’s dark confession; that honor went to Mike, the horse paired with Kelsey during equine therapy at Central Park.

“We waited for that horse to take a s–t literally all day long,” Hilary Duff tells TVLine. “They wanted [that shot] so bad. The horse would start to lift its tail, and the trainer would be like, ‘It’s happening! It’s happening!’ even if we were in the middle of a take. They’d be like, ‘Get the cameras over here!’ and then he’d freeze up and wouldn’t do it. … Sometimes it was just gas.”

DIRTY DIANA | Serious question: Can every episode include Diana pounding six vodkas and belting out showtunes? “Trout Pout” was in rare form as Kelsey’s surprisingly supportive drinking buddy, and the follow-up tour of her apartment was a must re-watch. (“Work hard enough for the next 10 years, and maybe you’ll have a beautiful apartment like this,” she told Liza and Kelsey. “Actually, probably never. Not at today’s prices.”) And Miriam Shor tells TVLine that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her character’s apartment, though she couldn’t reveal any other details — unless I wanted to go the way of Diana’s wedding dress.

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