Impastor Premiere Recap: Lukewarm Pursuit

Impastor Recap

It’s too bad Buddy Dobbs isn’t really a man of God, because it’ll take a miracle — well, another miracle — to get him out of his latest bind.

Wednesday’s Impastor premiere picked up seconds after last year’s finale, with Buddy being hauled off by Detectives Dumb and Dumber Lovello and Hyde. A near-fatal shootout with Damien bought Buddy some time, but it wasn’t long before the faux reverend found himself at the barrel of the loan shark’s gun. In the middle of the woods. With no one else in sight.

Sure, Lovello and Hyde are in on their way — but how much stock can we really put in their life-saving skills? (I’d put them on par with Dora’s flirting abilities.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be saying a little prayer for Buddy tonight.

Elsewhere this week…

* Though he wasn’t thrilled to learn of Ashlee’s real profession, Alden eventually accepted the truth. And despite Hilva putting pressure on Buddy to keep their marriage together, Alden proudly declared, “I’m not leaving you for another woman. I’m leaving you because I can’t stand you!”

* Taking Russell’s advice, Dora decided to put herself out there, catching the eye of… Detective Lovello? Yeah, this is definitely going to end well.

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