A 7th Heaven Reunion? Only If Reverend Camden Dies, Says Catherine Hicks

7th Heaven may have just celebrated its 20th anniversary, but don’t expect to see the First Family of The WB together on screen again — unless, of course, it’s at Reverend Camden’s funeral.

TMZ recently stalked “caught up” with Catherine Hicks, who played Stephen Collins‘ (much) better half on the long-running drama, who had lovely things to say about her on-screen family members. Then this happened: “I don’t know,” she said about plans for a reunion. “I mean, we’d have to open with Stephen’s coffin.”

(Collins, in case you’re somehow blissfully unaware, was recently involved in a child molestation scandal. In a 2014 interview with People, Collins admitted to inappropriate conduct with three minors between 1973 and 1994.)

“It’s all up to networks and those types of things,” Hicks continued. “I think we’d all love to be together. … Maybe Eighth Heaven with a new boyfriend for Annie.”

For what it’s worth, Hicks’ pitch isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Not only did Collins’ character have a bum ticker — a fan theory suggests he was dead for much of the show’s final season — but as this next video shows, Annie’s milkshake still brings all the boys to the yard:


Hit PLAY on Hicks’ ambush interview above, then drop a comment with your own thoughts on a possible reunion below.

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