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Chicago Med Preview: Connor's Tough Boss, Sarah's 'Learning Curve,' Will's New Rivalry and More Season 2 Scoop

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The docs of Chicago Med are out to prove themselves to their bosses — and each other — in Season 2, premiering this Thursday (NBC, 9/8c).

For Dr. Connor Rhodes, that means trying to impress his difficult new mentor Dr. Latham (played by Elementary‘s Ato Essandoh), who is so prickly, he makes the late Dr. Downey look like a cuddly kitten.

“It’s very different from what the Downey/Rhodes relationship was,” star Colin Donnell says. “It’s a lot more friction-filled.” Now the “Golden Boy” is “dealing with having to actually prove himself. He’s actually having to really work towards making sure that he can live up to the expectations.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ethan Choi steps into his new role as chief resident, and he’s got plenty to learn about successfully steering the emergency department.

“In real life, and especially in our Chicago Med life, it’s the nurses that actually run the [Emergency Department],” portrayer Brian Tee notes. “So there’s going to be great, amazing storylines and conflicts between me and Maggie, me and April, with our conflicting ideas about how the ED should be run… With his background in medicine and the Navy, he feels like he can run his own ship. Sometimes, that kind of confidence can backfire if you’re not a team player.”

But not everyone at the hospital is actively making enemies. While Dr. Will Halstead does find himself at odds with new med student Jeff Clarke, his dynamic with Season 1 rival Connor is “not such a contentious” one anymore, Donnell says.

“They’ve actually come to a decent place — in the work relationship, at least,” the actor continues. “They’re not calling each other on the weekends by any means. But they’re doing alright so far.”

Click on the gallery above for a character-by-character Season 2 preview, featuring scoop on Natalie’s special patient, Sarah’s “big” arc, Maggie’s family and more.

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