Chicago P.D. Season 4 Premiere Recap: Did Lindsay Turn in Voight?

Chicago PD Recap

Chicago P.D.‘s Season 4 premiere on Wednesday night can be summed up as a staring contest between Voight and Lindsay.

He watches her like a hawk, waiting to see if she’ll spill the beans about what he did to Justin’s killer, and she denies that anything’s wrong even though she keeps looking at him pointedly. But someone has to break eventually. At first, Lindsay tells Commander Crowley that she and the grieving Voight met up and just talked that fateful night, because the gruff sergeant is so big on sharing his feelings.

“How much longer are you going to cover for Voight at the expense of your own career and this entire department’s reputation?” Crowley replies.

After confiding in beau Halstead (more on that below), Lindsay heads back to the spot where Voight offed the other man. It’s not long before Crowley comes for Voight and collects his gun. He still refuses to fess up and no remains are found (because Lindsay already dug up the body?), so he’s cleared.

“Thank you,” Voight tells Lindsay, who acknowledges that he saved her life as a teen. “You’re all I have left now,” he cries. Although she embraces him, it’s clear that the debt is paid and things are different now between the pseudo-father and daughter.

Other highlights from the episode:

* What’s bad for Lindsay’s mental state is good for her relationship. “I feel a little handcuffed here” – pun intended? – “because I want to be there for you, but I don’t know what you’re going through,” a concerned Halstead pleads with his girlfriend. After she tells him the truth, he begs her not to let Voight drag her down with him – and then asks her to move in with him! Jobs and bosses come and go, but “I don’t want you to come and go,” he says. There’s no way Lindsay can refuse that sweet declaration, right?

* Burgess is concerned about her new partner Tay, who was previously writing parking tickets. If she had such an awful assignment, does that mean she’s a terrible cop? Turns out Platt came to Tay’s aid after learning that she was punished for rebuffing the advances of her commander. The transfer quickly proves she has skills and passion, leading the new duo to the capture of a criminal. “I’m glad you’re my partner,” Burgess tells Tay. I like the gal, too, and it’s nice to have some more female energy on the show.

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