Goldbergs Boss Talks Breakfast Club Tribute, Stranger Things Crossover — Plus: Watch Adam's 'Bender' Makeover

The brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal… they’re all there during the Goldbergs Season 4 premiere this Wednesday (ABC, 8/7c) when Adam, Barry and Erica’s worst nightmare turns into a Breakfast Club homage.

“All our kids are stuck in detention because they’ve mouthed off to Beverly, who’s now not just a mom, but a [substitute] teacher [at their school], and she gets them all thrown into detention,” executive producer Adam F. Goldberg previews.

The special tribute episode recreates many of the seminal moments from the classic 1985 John Hughes film, including the “crawling through the vents, the dancing that they do, the sitting around bonding and crying, the principal leading the detention,” Goldberg details. “A whole entire act-and-a-half is dedicated to basically Breakfast Club and talking about it and what character from our show is equivalent” to one of the movie’s archetypes.

Naturally, Adam is the geek, but as seen in the exclusive video above, he’s looking at high school as an opportunity to reinvent himself as a John Bender-like badass. (Erica’s lace Madonna gloves sub in for the rebel’s fingerless leather accessories.)

The stars of The Breakfast Club will all also grace the screen during the season opener, although not in the flesh. “We’re using music [and] clips from the movie,” Goldberg describes. “All the actors agreed for us to discuss them and signed off on their likeness so we could show them, which is great.”

But the EP is holding out hope for an actual guest spot from a certain ’80s staple. “I would love to have Molly Ringwald on the show,” Goldberg shares. “That is one of the bucket-list items for the show. I’m sure we will, in time, approach her and, hopefully, that will work out and she’ll be open to it.”

Goldberg also has dreams of incorporating another ’80s-set pop culture hit — albeit a more recent one. “The crossover I want to do is Stranger Things,” he reveals. “I have a scenario in my head that I don’t want to spoil. The producer of [his upcoming ABC comedy] Imaginary Mary [Shawn Levy] is also a producer and director of one of the episodes of Stranger Things. We’ve discussed what that would look like, which is really cool.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your Breakfast Club love. (Because there’s no way anyone dislikes that movie, right?)