Samantha Bee Scolds Fallon, NBC for Trump Interview: 'I Guess Ratings Matter More Than Brown People'

Samantha Bee on Monday condemned Jimmy Fallon and NBC for continuing to give “race-baiting demagogue” Donald Trump a platform to “show millions of Americans what a fun guy he is.”

The Full Frontal host not only put the Peacock on blast for having the Republican presidential candidate on The Tonight Show, but for allowing him to host The Celebrity Apprentice for years after he initially challenged whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

“Why do so many Americans think playing footsie with fringe hate groups isn’t a disqualifier from polite society, much less the presidency? Maybe because that’s the message they get from entertainment giants like NBC, which gladly nurtured Trump’s celebrity for all the years he was running around” as the figurehead of the Birtherism movement, she said. “By ignoring that… NBC tacitly condoned a race-baiting demagogue.”

Bee, attempting to make sense of why NBC has allowed Trump to sit down with Fallon or host SNL since seemingly parting ways with him after he referred to Mexicans as rapists in June 2015, could only come up with one possible answer:

“I guess because ratings matter more than brown people… You know, here’s a thought: When Holocaust survivors are telling you, ‘hey, this guy gives me déjà vu,’ maybe don’t invite him up into your house to play with your adorable children,” she said, referring to Fallon. “Trump can be a total sweetheart with someone who has no reason to be terrified of him. I noticed there were no cutaway shots to The Roots. I wonder why.”

Watch Bee’s latest takedown (beginning at the 2:55 mark), then tell us if you think we’re on the precipice of another late-night war.