Gotham Season 3 Premiere Recap: Monster Mash

Gotham Recap Season 3 Premiere

Fox’s Gotham opened Season 3 with a bit of heartbreak, steering Jim Gordon into a new line of work. Meanwhile, Fish Mooney aimed to assemble an army, Barbara and Tabitha did some clubbing and Bruce Wayne threw stones at the wrong birds.

Having gone to patch things up with Lee, only to find her kissing some other man, Jim poured himself into a whiskey glass, spending his nights as a bounty hunter who rounds up Indian Hill experiments for $5,000 a pop. (The GCPD wants the “monsters” off the streets, sure, but Mayor James sees them not as threats but souls in need of help.)

The “big fish” for Jim, however, is, fittingly, Fish, for whom Penguin has offered a million-dollar reward — dead, alive or cut into sticks. Jim gets a bead on Mooney, only to run up against some of her enhanced goons, including a batty man as well as Marv, a creepy guy whose touch rapidly ages you, into dust if he holds on long enough. Later, news reporter Valerie Vale comes to Jim with a “tip,” from Selina, on where to find Fish, but that turns into a trap that captures Miss Peabody. Hugo Strange’s No. 1 is “commanded” by Fish to “fix” it so Mooney’s DNA doesn’t deteriorate each time she uses her “ability.” When Ethel insists she can be of no help, Marv turns her into skin and bones.

Meanwhile, Bruce has returned from a months-long retreat to Switzerland (though yes, Selina, Italy is better), where he built up the gumption to give the Wayne Enterprises board members an ultimatum: If you’re with the ominous Court of Owls, get in touch with me. And get in touch they do, when at episode’s end, the henchman known as Talon grapples with and bests Alfred before whisking Bruce away into the dark night.


* Penguin and (the hysterically lovelorn) Butch commended Barbara and Tabitha (Happy Bisexual Awareness Week!) on the opening of their club, The Sirens, though the ladies declined to pay him for protection. Nor did they wish to pony up to his gangland rival, whom Babs bludgeoned good — before Penguin ultimately put a bullet in the ding-dong’s melon.

* Bruce’s long-haired doppelganger, who was glimpsed at the end of the May finale and will come to be known as “Five,” lurked in shadows mostly, receiving a food handout from an oblivious Selina and then spooking Ivy Pepper, who mistook him for Bruce. Ivy in fact would then go looking for her best gal pal, only to get mistaken for a spy by Fish’s henchmen. Marv grabbed the street rat for but a moment, before she plunged into a grisly drain pipe and got washed away, fated to resurface looking… different.

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