Naya Rivera on Her Rumored Feud With Glee Co-Star Lea Michele: It Was Real, But Also 'Blown Out of Proportion'

Naya Rivera Lea Michele Feud

If Ryan Murphy needs some inspiration for Feud Season 2, he could always pick Naya Rivera‘s brain — or just read her book.

In Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, the former Glee actress details the truth — her side of it, anyway — about her rumored feud with co-star Lea Michele.

Though she insists that rumors of the feud were “blown out of proportion,” she acknowledges that things would often get “heated” on set, especially as Santana became a more prominent character, and claims that Michele “had a hard time separating work from [their] outside friendship.”

“If I’d complained about anyone or anything, she’d assumed I was bitching about her,” Rivera writes. “Soon, she started to ignore me, and eventually it got to the point where she didn’t say a word to me for all of Season 6. Lea and I definitely weren’t the best of friends, and I doubt we’ll ever sit on her couch and eat kale together again.”

Rivera says that one of the Glee writers once described her and Michele as being “two sides of the same battery,” before admitting that it wasn’t a “good mixture.”

Perhaps this line best sums up Rivera’s thoughts on the matter: “I think Rachel—erm, I mean Lea—didn’t like sharing the spotlight.”

Will you be picking up Rivera’s book for more of her behind-the-scenes confessions? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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