Big Bang Theory Wedding Portrait: Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer Crash Penny's Big Day — First Look

The Big Bang Theory Season 10

Perhaps The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 10 premiere should’ve been titled “The Call Sheet Conundrum.”

In addition to the seven leads, the CBS sitcom’s Sept. 19 opener boasts a guest cast that includes returning TV heavyweights Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalf, Judd Hirsch and Keith Carradine, as well as “newbies” Katey Sagal (as Penny’s mom) and Jack McBrayer (as Penny’s bro). Oh, and Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris pops in, too (as an Air Force representative who’s interested in Howard and Leonard’s quantum gyroscope).

“The entire cast started to [calculate] the total number of TV episodes they have all been a part of, and it was over 4,000,” marvels showrunner Steve Molaro of the embarrassment of acting riches the show assembled for Penny and Leonard’s (unofficial) wedding ceremony. “Johnny [Galecki] texted me more than once from the [soundstage] just to say they were simply having the greatest time. Everybody was having a blast.”

Despite a running time that barely exceeds 20 minutes, Molaro maintains that every one of the show’s very special guest stars gets a chance to shine in the episode. “Every character on the show has something great to do,” assures the EP, adding that everyone’s screen time “got nicely distributed.” That said, he hopes to bring Sagal and McBrayer back for a less crowded installment. “Now that they are officially members of the Big Bang family,” he says, “we would love to have them come back so we can service them with more time and energy than we could in the premiere.”