American Ninja Warrior Video: How Jessie Graff Preps for Her Finale Run

To tackle the challenging final obstacle courses, American Ninja Warrior contestant Jessie Graff — the first woman to ever complete Stage 1 — needs exercise, practice, smoothies (no cayenne, thank you!) and… a little R&R with a pig.

In the following exclusive 24B4 video detailing the hours before her run, Graff credits her beloved pet with keeping her focused and relaxed.

“I have to not let the adrenaline kick in too early, and that’s where Sammo comes in,” Graff says, cozying up with the hog. “I melt when I see her snout. She’s so flippin’ cute. And I don’t mind sitting still when she’s around.”

As competition nears, the Supergirl stuntwoman packs essentials for the long night ahead, including dark chocolate espresso beans to stay alert and a blanket to keep warm.

Once on site, Graff studies the course — Stage 2 includes five new obstacles: Giant Ring Swing, Down-Up Salmon Ladder, Hourglass to Atari, Double Wedge and Wall Flip — and practices her route… as her male counterparts playfully mimic her.

The two-hour season finale of American Ninja Warrior airs Monday at 8/7c on NBC.

Press PLAY below to watch Graff get ready to take on the final stages, then hit the comments with your words of encouragement.

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