Greys Anatomy Sneak Peek: Meredith Declares, 'We're the Bad Guys'

Alex is definitely going down, the only question is whether Meredith is going with him.

In this exclusive Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 promo, which is an expanded version of the truncated sneak peek we ran earlier this week, Alex and Meredith are seen having a rather tense pow-wow about his current, rather precarious predicament (you know, him beating Andrew to near death).

Despite sporting knuckles that look like they were put through a wood chipper, Karev seems to think he can get away with attempted murder. Meredith, meanwhile, thinks he’s nuts. Curiously, she also can be heard telling him, “We’re the bad guys,” suggesting that perhaps she is going to help him cover up the crime.

Watch the teaser for the Sept. 22 premiere above and then share your predictions/theories in the comments.

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