Gilmore Girls Revival First Look: What's Lorelai and Luke's Big Surprise?!

Gilmore Girls Revival

Our latest Gilmore Girls revival first look is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma set at the… legendary Black-White-Read Bookstore/Theatre!

The above image from Netflix’s forthcoming four-part revival finds Lorelai and Luke returning to the Stars Hollow landmark to attend a screening of (your guess is as good as ours!) alongside at least a dozen fellow residents (including Lane). But the big question posed by the photo concerns Lorelai’s cell phone — specifically, who’s on the other end of it and what surprising/shocking news is he/she relaying to her? (The fact that Luke is pointing to himself strongly implies the maybe-bombshell involves him).

Also, how is Kirk (aka the venue’s militant box office attendant/bouncer/head of security) not tossing both of them out on their hindquarters for violating the establishment’s no tolerance policy on using smart phones or engaging in idle chit chat?!

All four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life will be released midnight PST on Friday, Nov. 25 on Netflix. In the meantime, check back tomorrow for more Gilmore Girls revival scoop as part of TVLine’s annual Fall Preview scoop-a-palooza.