Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale: Which Couples Got Engaged?

Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Following Tuesday’s hella emotional Bachelor in Paradise season finale, you can officially add six more names to the list of history’s greatest lovers. (Just squeeze ’em in between “Romeo and Juliet” and “Kermit and Miss Piggy.”)

For the first time in the ABC series’ history — and we’re three whole seasons deep now, mind you — multiple women left paradise sporting sparkly Neil Lane engagement rings.

‘HAPPILY EVAN AFTER’ | Let’s start with Evan, an actual erectile dysfunction specialist, who “never thought” he’d find himself engaged again. Be he firmly insisted that he’s “totally in love with Carli,” and I had full confidence that he wouldn’t soften his stance. If I did have any reservations, they were quickly washed away when Evan uttered the five most romantic words I’ve ever heard: “Will you freakin’ marry me?” Final status: engaged!

THINK BEFORE YOU INK | Next up was Grant, who — after getting matching tattoos with Lace — suddenly decided he needed to apply “logic” to his life and question whether or not he was ready to propose. “I’ve never been this confused,” Grant admitted at the top of the hour… and when you consider that “confused” is literally every Bachelor contestant’s resting status, he must have really been hurting. Fortunately for Lace, Grant ended up whipping out an engagement ring after all. Final status: engaged!

THIRD TIME’S (NOT) THE CHARM | Over in Jen and Nick’s room, hopes were running high. “I do see a proposal at the end,” Jen told the cameras. “I want to leave paradise holding hands with Nick.” Sure, the couple has its share of relatable problems to face — including that this is the third time Nick has looked for love on reality TV — but Jen’s dramatic final speech convinced us that these crazy kids can make it work someday… assuming he doesn’t find a wife on The Bachelor this season. (But, hey, at least he offered to walk her out.) Final status: not engaged!

‘THIS IS TRUE LOVE’ | Much like poor un-engaged Jen, Amanda put the cart way before the horse at the top of the hour, boldly proclaiming, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy or this content with anything.” (She clearly wasn’t privy to Josh’s multiple confessionals in which he expressed his concern that she already has two children.) Fortunately for Amanda, Josh overcame his fears and got down on one knee. Final status: engaged!

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