Big Brother Streaming Edition Gets Premiere Date, Over the Top Title

CBS Big Brother Over the Top Logo

The Big Brother house won’t be empty for long.

The new season of the CBS reality franchise/voyeur’s delight, which will air exclusively on CBS All Access, will be titled Big Brother: Over the Top, and debuts Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c, the network announced Thursday. A new crop of houseguests will enter the compound house for ten weeks of scheming and evictions, with host Julie Chen on hand to supervise.

But as we’ve known for a month nowBB: Over the Top won’t air on CBS; it’s only available through CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service. (It’s $5.99/month with ads, or $9.99/month ad-free.) This shift is part of an effort to lure in new subscribers with exclusive content, along with the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery and a spinoff of The Good Wife. But die-hard BB superfans already turn to All Access for the live 24-hour camera feeds from the house. Plus, the regular Big Brother will return to old-school CBS next summer.

The streaming format will give Big Brother fans a new way to connect with the show, executive producer Allison Grodner promises: “Not only will viewers get to see everything play out live, including ceremonies and competitions, the audience will also participate in the show like never before. Each week will offer unprecedented interactive opportunities that have an immediate impact on the game.”

And the best news of all: With the current season of Big Brother wrapping up Sept. 21, fans won’t have to go more than a week without seeing their beloved Chenbot.

Will you sign up for CBS All Access to watch the new season of Big Brother? Let us know in the comments.

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