The Night Shift Season 3 Finale Recap: Whose Life Did Not Just Go Boom?!

Night Shift Cancelled Renewed

The Night Shift‘s Jill Flint warned us of a Season 3 finale that would be “cliffhanger-y for each and every single character” — and her diagnosis was pretty spot on.

In fact, the NBC drama served up the kind of season ender that will have fans screaming should it not score a Season 4 pick-up, stat.

Here’s what went down:

Out amid the wildfire, Jordan and Scott did some emergency surgery on the lady firefighter, lest she lose her leg. Along the way, Jordan learned that Mac, the firefighter who was with them, 1) had a crush on his colleague and 2) had about two months to live, due to a stage-IV GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). As such, on their way out, Mac put his life on the line to ensure the others’ safety. After the smoke proverbially cleared, Jordan gave Scott the bad news, that it was Annie who stole the drugs from the hospital. And at hour’s end, Scott confronted Annie and ordered/escorted her to rehab.

Meanwhile at the Turkey-Syria border, TC got himself arrested by the border guards and hammered out a deal: the wayward Cipro shipment in trade for Syd fixing the hip dysplasia of one guard’s young son. Thing is, Syd had been getting her ass kicked by typhus symptoms, so she fainted midway through the surgery. TC got her well enough to talk him through the rest of the procedure, for which the appreciative border guard turned over the Cipro stash. Later, TC and Syd were set to go their separate ways — her, back home to her daughter, while he had his eye on an even dicier war zone — when incoming missiles blew their camp up, leaving both of them bloodied and unconscious.

Back home, Dr. Julian Cummings arrived to have his bean counters kick San Antonio Memorial’s tires before he forked over $50 million for the place. In the meantime, he and Paul immediately clashed over patient treatment, with Dad making a financially stingy but dangerous call. Afterward, Paul — with nudging from Topher — had a heart to heart with his dad about their relationship. Impressed by Paul’s confidence, Julian offered his son a plum surgical consultant gig, just as the deal to buy SAM went through. Alas, Topher’s “concierge medicine for the poor” management style doesn’t fit Julian’s vision, so he got the hook. When Paul realized this, he told his dad, “If Topher goes, I go” — and Paul in fact did resign. As did almost everyone else from their ER shift… save for Shannon, who can’t afford to move back home. But Paul totally understands her position. Why? Because “I love you,” he shares — a sentiment that she in turn echoed.

Meanwhile, Drew and Rick dealt with a custody scare after Brianna’s father showed up to lay claim to the daughter he allegedly didn’t know existed. And yet a bit of dirt-digging revealed that this homophobic ex-con did in fact know about Brianna and waived his rights years ago. He was just making trouble to (unsuccessfully) extort a payday from the guys. In the end, Drew and Rick took Brianna home — after a stop for ice cream, that is.

So, TC and/or Syd may be dead. Pretty much the entire ER staff has no home. And with no loan from disowned-by-his-dad Paul, Kenny is about to get his butt kicked by the grunts he owes money to.

Do you think NBC will/should renew The Night Shift again? Averaging 5 million viewers and a 1.0 demo rating in Live+Same Day numbers, it outperformed CBS and Fox’s top summer dramas — Zoo and Wayward Pines — this year.

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