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The Simpsons Enlists Brainy Trio for Donald Trump Parody in Season 28

The SImpsons Donald Trump Episode

Following this summer’s Donald Trump-skewering viral short, The Simpsons is once again targeting the Republican presidential candidate in its upcoming 28th season — with a little help from a few familiar names.

Financial guru Suze Orman, renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and famed screenwriter Robert McKee will serve as a “super team of educators” at a new school founded by C. Montgomery Burns, executive producer Al Jean tells TVLine.

“We have a great episode where Burns goes to Yale and discovers, much to his horror, how politically correct it is,” Jean says. “So he starts his own college, Burns University, which is similar to another billionaire’s university you might have heard of lately.”

And although The Simpsons never got a response from Trump’s camp (re: that pro-Hillary Clinton short I mentioned earlier), Trump is well aware that a version of himself exists in Springfield.

“There’s a photo of him signing a poster which was [made from] the first spot we did on him a year ago, which was not so flattering,” Jean says. “But he’s autographing it for somebody. I think his problem is that he doesn’t like criticism, but of course, he’s opened himself up for more than any human will ever get in all of history.”

Will you be applying to Burns University when The Simpsons returns Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c? Drop a comment with your hopes for Season 28 below.