Pretty Little Liars Recap: Old Flames

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday dropped the biggest reveal of the season, and it had nothing to do with Mary Drake or her secret baby.

No, my friends, I’m talking about the good ‘ship “Jaria,” which apparently set sail for a second voyage during the show’s five-year time jump. During a particularly slow fact-finding mission with Jason, Aria’s mind drifted back to a not-so-distant past where she and the handsome hipster were hot and heavy — a memory we’re thinking she never shared with Ezra.

Speaking of Ezra, the clerk mistook Jason for Aria’s fiancée, but rather than deny their engagement, Jason agreed that Aria is “really special.” Unfortunately for Jason — who was pretty close to talking his way back into Aria’s life — Ezra texted her that Nicole was not one of the hostages, and that he’s coming back to Rosewood.

Of course, the night wasn’t a total bust for ol’ Jason. He and Aria discovered that Noel’s father was the judge who signed for Mary’s secret adoption, leading the Liars to conclude that Noel was the child in question. (Which means, of course, he wasn’t. … Right?)

Elsewhere this week…

* “Jaria” wasn’t the only old flame that came dangerously close to reigniting. After realizing that she couldn’t tell Sabrina what’s really going on with A.D., Emily turned to Paige, who already speaks fluent Liar. (But did anyone else think it was weird that Paige was already sitting at the café watching Sabrina when Emily called her? I like Paige, but given her history, I’m not sure I’m ready to trust her again.)

* And Hanna spent the hour tailing Noel, unaware that Spencer already found footage proving that he helped Charlotte torture the girls in the dollhouse. “Be careful, Hanna, or you’ll end up just like Sara,” he told her — though maybe he’s the one who needed the warning. The final moments of the episode found Hanna knocking him out from behind, smugly proclaiming, “It’s over bitch.” (But is it, Hanna? Is it really?)

OK, let’s talk about this episode: Did you enjoy the “Jaria” flashback? Do you think Noel is really Mary’s son? And how pumped are you for next week’s finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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