Mr. Robot Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free — How Surprised Were You?

This week on USA Network’s Mr. Robot, Angela pursued her “evil, secret agenda,” though perhaps a bit too aggressively, while the true nature of Elliot’s dilemma at long last came to light.

Picking up where we left off with Angela’s story, she had questions to answer from the hovering FBI Agent DiPerro — namely, why was she seen on the feds’ restricted floor? Angela told a version of the truth, that she was there making lunch plans with the flirty agent she bumped into after starting the hack for Darlene, but Dom wasn’t buying it. Rather, Dom says she is truly fascinated by Angela’s story, conveniently changing jobs as she did, from AllSafe to E Corp, right at the time of the Five/Nine hack.

Having dodged that bullet (for now), Angela dove into her next project: letting her father know that E Corp will settle the Washington Township class action suit if the plaintiffs drop the independent inspection clause. Dad balks, but it turns out Angela’s visit was more of an “FYI,” seeing as enough of the other plaintiffs have signed off on the change.

Angela reports this news to Price, who — though he never asked her to massage the class action claimants — nonetheless values the lost headache. Angela calls in her chip, asking to be transferred to the risk management division. There, she makes perhaps one too many waves too soon, getting herself invited to a director-level meeting only to ham-handedly pitch a project that would give her access to the Washington Township case files. Angela’s new boss calls her out on her conspicuous rise up and across the ranks, making clear that Price has imbued him with the power to treat his new staffer however he wants.

But perhaps none of that is what you came here to discuss?

Having been lobbed into a cellar (the hole?) by Ray’s goons after the beatdown, Elliot used the private time to beseech Mr. Robot to once and for all disclose what he has kept hidden about Tyrell Wellick’s fate. Mr. Robot gives in and explains that after the hacking script was launched that night at the arcade, and after Tyrell made that little speech about them being “gods,” Mr. Robot suspected they would be the next target of Sharon Knowles’ off-kilter killer, so he reached for the gun Darlene kept hidden in the popcorn, and shot the Swede.

After that long-awaited download, Elliot was brought back to Ray’s office, where he was firmly instructed to stay seated until the website — a trading post for massively illegal goods/services — was up and purring. Once it was, Elliot lured Ray into a game of chess (“for old time’s sake”), during which his opponent shared the story of how he and his wife originally launched the site to just make some extra scratch, turning a blind eye to what was being bartered. But when the Bitcoin started rolling in, Ray admits, it was the kind of money that makes a person question right vs. wrong.

As their chess match winds down, Ray plainly asks Elliot how much time he has left — surmising, correctly, that during his session at the computer, Elliot alerted the police to the illegal site and its home base. Sure enough, as Elliot departs, the cops are storming the place. The abrupt closing of the marketplace leaves a gang of white supremacists irked with Elliot, seeing as their Bitcoin wallets were shut down with money still in them. They later drag Elliot into a skirmish (rape?), but it is almost immediately interrupted by the sound of bloody slashes, as Leon brutally dispatches with the men.

“You’re going to get a letter on Tuesday. Do what it says,” Leon tells a relieved Elliot, before asking that he be sure to put in a good word for him when he next sees Whiterose. So, Seinfeld-loving Leon had been watching out for Elliot on behalf of the Dark Army.

Elliot indeed gets a letter — “good news” (of his imminent release?) that he has mixed feelings about — which he shares with Krista. When he refers to living with his mom, the shrink carefully broaches the topic: “Elliot, where do you think you are right now?” And with a quick cut, doctor and patient are not sitting across each other in a furnished room, but in the visiting area of a prison. Because yes, as speculated by some since the season premiere, Elliot (now clad in an orange jump suit) has been behind bars this whole time, but Mr. Robot created the artifice of an outside world to “cloak harsh reality with escapist comfort.”

As the hour comes to a close, Elliot walks back to his “room”/cell, revealing how each part of the world we have seen across seven episodes in fact is part of a prison, from the yard to the mess hall to the dreary room where the prayer group meets, capped by a female guard that looks a bit like dear old Mom.

What did you think of the reveal, and where will the show go from here, with Ray out of the mix and five episodes left?


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