Zoo Recap: Sins of the Fathers

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God, I love this wackadoodle show.

This week on CBS’ Zoo, Mitch deduced that their “missing link” in finding the cure would be an extremely hard get, while Jackson came face to face with his mutated mother. When all was said and done, the team was poised for a Jurassic lark, until an unexpected adversary surfaced.

Surveying the bones of the last animal they need to capture in the name of curing the triple-helix mutation, Mitch ultimately realized that their prey was a saber tooth cat — as in the animal that went extinct during the Ice Age. Or did it?

Nudged by former stepmom Allison, Mitch agrees to enlist his cryptozoologist, Loch Ness Monster-chasing father, Max, to ascertain if the bones in their possession in fact date back “only” a century. During Max’s visit, it eventually comes out that Dad years ago seduced away Mitch’s girlfriend — meaning, Allison. Amid that extreme awkwardness, Max confirms that the saber tooth bones are “new” — and, even stranger, from a man-made creature. Max then relates a rumor about a company that was bio-engineering extinct animals back to life, on Isla Nublar a remote island. So, guess where the team is heading next?

But first, they get thrown a major curve ball…

Earlier in the hour, Jackson and Abraham tracked the former’s mother, Elizabeth, to a field outside the camp she slaughtered. When Mom goes to maul Abraham, Jackson at first tries to slow her with tranq darts, but ultimately must put her down with a bullet. Back on the jet, Mitch confirms that Elizabeth has the same three-dot injection site as her son, though as Jackson later realizes, she got her shot after they moved to Africa. As Jackson puzzles over who, if not his dad, injected Mom, Abraham can hold back no longer and confesses that he, for a paltry $200, jabbed the needle into Elizabeth on behalf of Jackson’s dad.

Oh, and by the way, Jackson: Your father is also alive.

Annnnnd on that note, Jackson’s “defiant pupil” flares up and he attacks Abraham relentlessly, to the point that Dariela has no option but to honor their agreement and shoot him. Jackson is barely slowed, though, and instead escapes the jet in one of the SUVs.

On top of all that, there was some soapy goodness, as Jamie finally decides to make a play for Mitch… only to find him rekindling the flame with Allison.

What did you think of the episode “Sins of the Father”? And isn’t this show just bananas in the best way? I’m just bummed we don’t get an alligator-headed bear :-/

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