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Scream EPs Tackle Finale's Biggest Twists, Tease Possible Season 3 Plans

Scream Season 3 Spoilers

Tuesday’s Scream finale may have wrapped up the big mystery of Season 2, but just as you’d expect from the MTV drama, the hellish hour also left viewers with a slew of unanswered questions.

TVLine turned to showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register for the inside story on that twisted season ender, as well as a taste of what a third season — yet to be ordered by MTV — might have planned for the good (and not-so-good) people of Lakewood:

TVLINE | You guys came in as the new showrunners this season. Was Kieran always Piper’s accomplice, even from Season 1?
MICHAEL GANS | It was exactly who we thought it was — and it was exactly why we thought it was — from the very beginning, when we came in to pitch our take on the show to MTV and Dimension. There was one other person we thought of before we met anybody… but I won’t say who it was.
RICHARD REGISTER | We also loved the possibility that it could have been Emma this season, that she’d completely lost her mind.

TVLINE | This might be a mean thing to ask, but is Kieran smarter than we’ve been giving him credit for?
REGISTER | [Laughs] That is not a bad question, it’s just the truth. He’s really this other person that you don’t know. We only got a glimpse of the real Kieran.

TVLINE | If there’s a third season of Scream, do you know how much Kieran we’re going to see? Like, will it be limited to occasional prison visits?
GANS | It’s hard to talk about, because there’s so much we can’t say about the future — and one of those things, of course, is how Kieran will continue. But he is alive and in prison! And that’s another thing we wanted to do differently than you normally see at the end of slashers. Most of the time, the killer gets killed. And I think Emma is the right character to choose not to take the kill. … Kieran’s alive, which means anything can happen.

TVLINE | Do you two know (yet) who was on the other end of that phone call? 
REGISTER | As far as who’s talking to him … we know the reason they’re talking to him.
GANS | It’s tied into the complete history and fabric of the town, we can say that.

TVLINE | Switching gears a bit, I can’t help but blame Audrey for all of this. Is that something the characters will wrestle with moving forward?
REGISTER | There’s a ripple effect, and I think it’s something they’ll struggle with as they go forward, definitely.
GANS | I think there’s something truthful in that friends like these, regardless of their history, would work together in such desperate times. As for how things will be in the aftermath of that, those questions have to be answered. That culpability has to be faced, on both of their sides.

TVLINE | This might be a little morbid, but I would have liked to see Brooke discover that her dad was murdered. Was that just cut for time?
GANS | I think that would have been spectacular to see, and I don’t think it’s weird at all. If I’m being honest, it’s about the scope of what you can get done in the time allotted to you at the end of the season. Brooke was already carving out her own choices separate from her father’s wishes for her — first Jake, then Stavo — but they were like teammates when we first met them. And now he’s dead. It’s going to affect her forever, and it definitely changes who she is going forward.

TVLINE | We saw Brooke with Stavo and the sheriff at the end. Is she living with them now?
REGISTER | She’s just having dinner with them. We wanted to give a hint as to where her relationship with Stavo was heading.
GANS | I think she could sit down at a table with the Acosta family, but could she live with them? Could she live at their level of income? No, that girl could never do that.

TVLINE | And what about Noah? Will he still have the same affinity for the horror genre in the future?
REGISTER | When you look at the way PTSD works, it sometimes doesn’t even settle in until months after the original trauma. So all of these characters are dealing with two distinct traumatic events, which will affect them moving forward. He will be very altered by these events.
GANS | You also have to remember that he lost two women that he loved — and he was a guy who never thought he could get anyone.

TVLINE | I like how you turned Ms. Lang into the new Gale Weathers by having her write that book. I assume Emma won’t appreciate being the subject?
GANS | [Laughs] Not at all. And speaking of Ms. Lang, Austin Highsmith gave a great performance. It was a hard role to play, the way the character was written. We didn’t want people to know what she was. … I really loved Gale Weathers on a certain level. If someone’s being killed, she doesn’t run away. She tries to help. … But I think Ms. Lang is slightly crazier than Gale.

TVLINE | And just to be clear, that note in the tree was supposed to make us think Brandon James is still alive?
REGISTER | Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted to plant. Whether or not that’s really happening is a question we can’t answer.

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