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Scream Killer Talks 'Shocking' Reveal, That Mysterious Finale Phone Call

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After a compelling season of murder, mayhem and misdirects, Tuesday’s Scream finale revealed Piper’s accomplice to be none other than… Kieran Wilcox!

TVLine spoke with Amadeus Serafini about his character’s killer reveal, his future in Lakewood and the mysterious phone call he received at the end of the hour. (Was it Brandon James?!)

TVLINE | Let’s start with the question I have to ask: When did you find out Kieran was the killer?
I didn’t know until right before the table read for the finale. I went through the whole season believing I was the heroic character — and that wasn’t the case. It was pretty shocking.

TVLINE | You really went through two whole seasons thinking that. How do you feel about that in hindsight?
Kieran was much more the red herring in Season 1, since he wasn’t the killer. So there was an allowance to his creepy factor. He was able to get away with a lot more. I was playing it pretty genuinely, but in the first season, I thought I might be the killer — but then that changed. From then forth, I just decided I was going to stick to the words in the script and not give anything away.

TVLINE | According to the showrunners, Kieran was the other killer from Day 1.
Good on them for managing to not slip. If I had found out, I don’t know what I would have done, but my hope is that I wouldn’t reveal anything. … That being said, I’m looking at the Internet and there seems to be a good mix of opinions. People don’t really know.


TVLINE | Speaking of theorizing, who do you think was on the other end of that phone call?
If it is Brandon James, that’s really creepy. We haven’t seen him in adult form yet. I’m inclined to think it’s someone saying they’re Brandon James. It could go either way. Honestly, I have no idea how any of this is going to play out.

TVLINE | You’ve never played an inmate before. What was it like to step into that jumpsuit?
No, I haven’t. … It’s actually a really convenient piece of clothing. You just step into it and it zips up. It’s a onesie! … But it was actually really interesting to do those prison scenes, as brief as they were.

TVLINE | We only got a brief glimpse of the “real” Kieran. What was your inspiration in that scene?
I think I wanted to separate this killer from the killers we’ve seen in the Scream movies. I didn’t want to be Billy Loomis 2.0, and I didn’t want to be Crazy Stu. I wanted this to be its own thing. And, honestly, there wasn’t a ton of time for me to research and watch all of them. So I learned my script and I worked with my peeps, my castmates. I did watch some bits of movies, including Primal Fear. … And in this reveal, there’s all this new information about him having daddy issues and that he offed his own dad. This was all new material for me to incorporate.

TVLINE | Now that you know Kieran murdered — or at least helped to murder — all these people, which kill troubles you the most?
I think Zoe. I wasn’t expecting that. I sort of suspected Noah, even though he would have had to have an accomplice. So the fact that it was Kieran, and it was his decision to kill her purely to mess with Noah is really a stretch. He wasn’t holding back. He was ready to kill a bunch of people. … And the night clerk at the hotel! That was a really gruesome murder — the repeated jamming of the corkscrew in the neck. We had shot the finale when that episode aired, and I watched it and it shocked me. I thought, “Wow, that’s me!”

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