Pretty Little Liars Recap: Premonition Impossible

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Carla “Green Eyes” Grunwald was a welcome sight on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars — even if her warning of an impending danger came about a season too late.

Ravenswood’s resident soothsayer, who’s been having “unsettling” dreams about Caleb and Hanna as of late, spoke of a mysterious “darkness” that’s apparently targeting the couple. And although she couldn’t get into specifics, the supernatural nose bleed she suffered at the mere sight of Noel Kahn pretty much confirmed what we’ve known since Season 1: Those eyebrows are up to no good.

Following a near-kiss with Caleb at the end of the hour, Hanna placed the world’s sketchiest phone call — something about money and keys and forgetting her name — before leaving to take care of… business. (Don’t bother asking me what that business is. I got nothin’.)

Elsewhere this week…

* Paige also made a “surprise” return to apply for the swim coach position at Rosewood High School. Over a somewhat romantic dinner with her fellow applicant, Emily rehashed her history with Paige, even blaming herself for their breakup a few years earlier. Paige — whose Olympic dreams apparently went up in smoke after a nasty car accident — seemed interested in rekindling their old flame, so you can imagine her disappointment at the sight of Emily and Sabrina together in the episode’s final moments.

* Speaking of Rosewood High School, Alison’s return to teaching couldn’t have gone less smoothly — unless, of course, a classroom full of black-hooded students is just RHS’ way of saying, “Welcome back Ms. D!” (And don’t think for a second that I missed Ali puking in the school bathroom. Could she be the Liar with a bun in the oven?)

* Aria came clean to Ezra about deleting Nicole’s phone call, and he reacted exactly as she feared. She smoothed things over by buying him a plane ticket to South America — which she got by cashing in their tickets to Italy — but the truth is: If Nicole turns out to be alive, Aria basically just handed her fiancé back. (What is the return policy on Ezras these days?)

* Team #Sparia tracked down the on-call doctor who helped deliver Mary Drake’s baby at Radley, and although he didn’t offer any earth-shattering reveals — those are clearly being saved for the summer finale — he did confirm that an underweight child of an unknown gender was handed over to County Family Services. (Could it have been Spencer? I mean, why else would she have been flipping through an old family photo album during that closing montage?)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Did you also catch Ali’s little moment in the bathroom? Do you believe Nicole is alive? And could Spencer be Mary’s secret child? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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