Girl Meets World Star Previews Wedding Day Surprises for Shawn and Katy

Girl Meets World Wedding

It’s hard to believe that, nearly 23 years after we met him, Shawn Hunter is swapping “I do”s with the love of his life on Friday’s Girl Meets World (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c). Heck, even his bride-to-be is struggling to wrap her head around the momentous occasion.

“I was a ’90s kid, so I grew up watching Boy Meets World,” Cheryl Texiera, who plays Katy Hart Hunter, tells TVLine. “When I found out that Katy was going to be marrying Shawn, I called my brother — who’s a year and a half younger than me — and he freaked out. He was like, ‘Cheryl, imagine if someone walked into our living room in 1993 and was like, ‘Hey, by the way…’ and that really gave me some perspective.”

Below, Texiera discusses the highly anticipated GMW event — and how it might not go exactly according to plan.

TVLINE | Since you grew up watching the show, you must know that Shawn Hunter was every ’90s girl’s crush. How does it feel to be playing the character who finally lands him?
Oh, it’s so much fun. I love, love, love playing Katy. She’s just such a fun, quirky, sweet, caring character. And I love the relationship between her and Shawn, because I feel like she brings out the silliness in him. Working opposite Rider Strong is also so easy; he’s always down to try whatever, which is awesome.

TVLINE | We’ve seen photos and clips, but since you were actually there, can you describe the feel of the wedding?
It’s so special. … Oh my gosh, how many episodes of this show have been “special”? [Laughs] Having Bill Daniels come back and play Feeny again, to marry Shawn and Katy — on what other show have they done something like that? … Personally, I love watching the scenes between Shawn and Cory. I feel like their dynamic and chemistry hasn’t changed.

TVLINE | This might be a weird question, but did it almost feel like a real wedding?
Well, Michael Jacobs was behind this, and he’s all about truth and honesty and realness of every moment, so there were certainly were moments that felt like a wedding was actually happening. It’s funny, you have the characters who are in the show watching the episode, but you also have this whole crew who’s watching you say your vows. You really feel on display, which I guess you would feel at your wedding.

TVLINE | Does Katy have any bridezilla-type moments?
[Laughs] No bridezilla moments, but there’s a bit of a freakout as to how everything goes down and how the wedding ends up happening — when things actually happen. It takes her by surprise, and she thinks, “I don’t know if I’m prepared.”

TVLINE | This being Girl Meets World, I imagine Riley and Maya will play a pretty big role in the festivities?
I feel like Maya is actually the catapult to kind of fire it off. She really gets things going and sort of jump starts everything.

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