Trevor Noah: Trump Needs to Be 'Put Away' After Second Amendment 'Joke'

Trevor Noah has a theory about Donald Trump: He’s a burgeoning stand-up comedian whose recent comments are no laughing matter.

The Daily Show host on Wednesday reacted to Trump’s suggestion that, in Noah’s words, “people with guns do something” if Hillary Clinton or the Supreme Court try to impede on their Second Amendment rights.

“This is so serious that even Trump’s supporters couldn’t believe what they were hearing,” he said. “Do you know how hard it is to shock a Trump supporter? These are the same people who have heard their candidate say ‘bing bing bong bong’ and thought to themselves ‘This is what we need in the White House.'”

Responding to Trump’s claim that “everyone in the room” understood that he was joking, Noah urged viewers to remember that “he’s not running for president of that room, and everyone outside that room is trying to figure out what the hell he meant.” He, of course, was largely referring to the media, who have turned their analysis of the remark into something comparable to 2015’s #Dressgate.

Though Noah doesn’t think Trump was being serious, he argued that “one of the most basic qualities of a president is that we know what they mean.” He then showed evidence that Trump’s constant riffs, roasts and impersonations on the campaign trail make him more fit for the role of stand-up comedian, not Commander-in-Chief.

“You see, when you’re a presidential candidate with a passionate group of supporters, people tend to listen to you. So here’s what I think we need to do with Donald Trump: We need to put him away. We need to put him away in some underground, windowless room. That’s what we need to do. And then we need to build a wall — an exposed brick wall with a mic and a crowd where he can kill, just not people.”

Is Noah right? Was Trump just kidding about what “Second Amendment people” should do with Clinton and SCOTUS? Weigh in below.