Make It or Break It Cast Reunites, Reflects on Series' Top Relationships

Make It Or Break It Reunion

Four years after Freeform’s ABC Family’s gymnastics drama Make It or Break It landed its final dismount, the cast reunited for a Facebook live chat with fans.

Stars Cassie Scerbo (Lauren), Amanda Leighton (Wendy), Ayla Kell (Payson), Zachary Abel (Carter), Neil Jackson (Sasha) and Johnny Pacar (Damon) assembled Wednesday to relive their favorite MIOBI memories — as well as their collective disdain for their wedgie-inducing leotards — and to reveal how they really felt about their characters’ many complicated relationships.

For Scerbo, her favorite on-screen pairing — Lauren and Carter — was a no-brainer: “I wanted to win that triangle for years!” Scerbo said, throwing a “Sorry, Josie!” to her M.I.A. co-star Josie Loren, who served as her romantic rival.

And while Kell knew the fans would want her to say that Payson and Rigo’s relationship was her favorite, she instead chose to celebrate the bond between Payson and Sasha.

“It was tumultuous there for a little while,” Kell admitted, “but … she was broken for a while, and he helped fix her.”

Ultimately, the cast agreed, the lasting relationships between the gymnasts was always more important than any temporary bonds with boys.

“At the end of the day, they always had each other,” Scerbo said. “They were sisters and family.”

And that feeling of family clearly extended beyond the frame: “The hardest part for me was knowing that I wasn’t going to have this exact family anymore,” Scerbo said of the series’ end in 2012. “I miss my fake room. I miss it all!”

“I cried the last three days,” Kell admitted. “I couldn’t look Cassie in the eyes.”

All 48 episodes of MIOBI are now available to stream on the Freeform app. Drop a comment with your favorite couples/moments from the series below.

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