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The Strain EPs Tease 'Major Story Turn' — Plus, Could Season 4 Be the End?

The Strain Season 3

Fans of The Strain perhaps think they’ve seen it all, but FX’s vampire drama still has some tricks up its sleeve for Season 3 (premiering Sunday, Aug. 28).

For one, “There are some new character combinations” to watch for, “some people come together and join force who I don’t think anyone really expect,” executive producer Chuck Hogan, who cowrote the source novels with Guillermo del Toro, told TVLine on Tuesday at the television Critics Association summer press tour. “And that’s been a lot of fun to see.”

Hogan also promised “some amazing effects — we absolutely topped ourselves, again and again,” as well as a season-ending set piece that “is pretty intense.”

But well before then, Hogan warned of “a major story turn in Episode 3, that I don’t think people are anticipating at that point in the season.” Coming out of said twist, the storyline “spins off into an interesting direction,” he carefully added.

Here’s what else Hogan and showrunner Carlton Cuse shared during The Strain‘s panel discussion at TCA on Tuesday:

* New flashbacks will reveal “more chapters from Quinlan’s life, to see a bit of where he came from,” as well as more backstory on Eichorst plus some “interesting side stories.”

* Hogan said there was “a lot of back and forth” in the writers room about killing off Nora, but ultimately they wondered, “If we did the unthinkable, what pressure would that put on other characters, what would that do to story?”

* I’ll leave you to deduce the context, but Cuse playfully shared: “Spoiler! Yes, you will see photocopying” during Season 3.

* Although Zach is being kept alive and well by his mother — and for a specific, strategic purpose — the need to feed will create conflict for Kelly. “She’s got to fight the only real impulse a strigoi has which is to feed and turn [the victim],” said Cuse. “She’s really caught between those two warring impulses.”

* Cuse said that whereas The Strain was originally pitched to FX as a three-season story, and most recently was envisioned as running five seasons, “As we are beginning to work on Season 4, we’re in the process of trying to figure out how many episode we have left.” Could they possibly be considering wrapping things up with a final 10- to 13-episode run? “Anything is possible,” Cuse told TVLine. “It’s just too early to be definitive about that, but we are definitely moving towards an ending, and that’s great…. We’re being totally open-minded about it, for sure.”

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