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Devious Maids EP Breaks Down Biggest Finale Twists, Teases Season 5 Mystery

Devious Maids Finale Recap

Monday’s Devious Maids finale neatly tied up every loose end from the Lifetime drama’s killer fourth season… before creating a whole new mess for the show’s leading ladies to clean up.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Sabrina Wind about the episode’s biggest twists, as well as what a potential fifth season would look like. But first, a quick recap:

Gail Fleming, the surprise daughter of director/rapist Hugh Metzger, was revealed to be Peri’s killer; Evelyn and Adrian signed their divorce papers, then got down to business on the dining room table; Rosie told Spence that she’s pregnant, but concealed the truth about Tucker; Zoila resumed working for Genevieve, who’s now entertaining a same-sex romance with a new pal (played by Sharon Lawrence); Carmen and Dani finally found common ground; and, following a one-year time jump, Marisol was presumably kidnapped on the day of her wedding to Peter.

OK, time for some answers…

TVLINE | First thing’s first: I got really excited when Sharon Lawrence appeared on screen.
She is so talented, and we love working with her. We were so delighted that she was willing to do this part, and we are hoping that she continues on the show, assuming we have a show to continue.

TVLINE | How much stock should we put into this new relationship between her and Genevieve?
Well, I love the idea of Genevieve and Zoila being back in each other’s lives, but promising each other not to get involved in their business. Now we’re seeing Genevieve doing something as crazy as we’ve ever seen, so Zoila will have quite the trouble of not meddling and getting involved. … We also just really liked the idea of Genevieve thinking, “Maybe all this time, what I needed was a wife!”

TVLINE | Speaking of Zoila, Kyle and his mother disappeared rather suddenly. Is this the last we’ve seen of the Circle?
Yes, that was the intention. If we have the wonderful honor of doing a fifth season and Lifetime tells us they want those people back, then we can talk about it.

TVLINE | I assume that final mention of Dani’s father was also a hint. Might we see him if the show gets a fifth season?
100,000 percent! I’m hoping the character is this incredibly hot, wonderful man who’s going to come back into Carmen’s life and challenge where she is and what she’s about.

TVLINE | Apologies if I missed something, but did Evelyn and Adrian get re-married in the finale?
No, the only thing they officially got was divorced. They signed those papers with the judge, and 10 seconds later, they consummated that divorce. It’s really as if they were created just to torment each other forever. But will they be remarried? I don’t know!

TVLINE | OK, because I definitely caught that weird glance between Zoila and Adrian at the wedding. Is there a chance something happened during the time jump that we’re not yet privy to?
There are definitely chances that things have happened. … She’s the kind of person who can call somebody on their s–t and he’s the kind of person who’s totally full of s–t, so we think they’re just a fun combination. They might not be as fated as Evelyn and Adrian, but there’s definitely something they have found in each other that only the other one can see.

TVLINE | I was surprised that Marisol didn’t ask the girls to be her bridesmaids. They’re all still friends, right?
Well, the idea was that [Marisol and Peter] are older people choosing to go down this wedding path, so there weren’t really bridesmaids. … We felt like it was owed to Evelyn and Marisol’s relationship this season that, for some reason, Evelyn had taken over as a sort-of handmaiden. In our minds, the maids were all with Marisol earlier, but once the ceremony started, Evelyn was running the show — and she lost Marisol.

TVLINE | Rosie, of course, didn’t tell Spence about Tucker. Am I correct in assuming she’ll regret that decision?
Oh, of course. Happily-ever-after is boring. We need problems!

TVLINE | I’ll bet Dania Ramirez is thrilled that she didn’t have to wear one of those fake baby bumps.
[Laughs] You know, we never even spoke about it because of the time jump. It didn’t cause any conversation, but I bet she’d be really happy if she thought about it.

TVLINE | The Spence-Rosie household is now populated with three kids from… how many parents?
[Laughs] Yeah, it’s three children from — I think — five people. It would be quite the new version of The Brady Bunch.

TVLINE | Lastly, will Marisol’s kidnapping — I guess I should call it a disappearance for now — be a whole new mystery, or is it connected to something that happened in previous seasons?
It will launch us into the new season. We have many thoughts of what it all means, but we have to wait to talk to Lifetime about them. It will be a completely new story.

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