iZombie Cast Previews Season 3's New Villains, Talks Liv/Peyton's 'Chemistry'

While some iZombie fans are counting down the days until Liv and Major’s inevitable reunion, one executive producer has another pairing on the brain: Liv and… Peyton?

“They’re both fine actresses … and their chemistry is really good,” Diane Ruggiero-Wright joked — at least we think she was joking — during the cast’s interview at TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, presented by ZTE. (For what it’s worth, star Rose McIver added that she’d be “down for a woman” as one of Liv’s love interests, so we could be just one lesbian brain away from making this dream a reality.)

In the immediate future, however, EP Rob Thomas revealed that “Liv will have a love interest this year who will not die,” thus ending her streak of dead/undead boyfriends. But before you get your hopes up too high, Thomas clarified that “the relationship will not end because of death.” In other words, it will end.

Other topics touched upon in TVLine’s interview with the iZombie crew: Liv and Clive’s “no more secrets” policy at work, a “dominatrix brain” on the menu, super-revealing flashbacks, a zombie revolution and more.

Hit PLAY on our iZombie interview above, then drop a comment with your own hopes for Season 3 below.

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