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Mr. Robot Trio Weigh In on 'Spectacular' Alliance and That Harrowing [Spoiler]

Mr Robot Darlena Angela Shootout

It was “ladies’ night” of a sort this week on Mr. Robot, as the FBI’s slowly but surely tightening noose around the Five/Nine hackers put Darlene, Angela and Dom in distinctly precarious positions.

Seeing the FBI amass far more clues to fsociety’s involvement than she ever imagined, Darlene made the decision to reach out to Angela, leveraging their shared interest in protecting Elliot with the AllSafe employee-turned-E Corp spinmeister.

“Darlene wants something from Angela” — namely, her assistance in hacking the FBI’s E Corp field office — “and their friendship comes into play,” notes Carly Chaikin, who plays fsociety’s current ringleader. Angela at first was taken aback by the overture, but after getting some face time with Elliot herself — and after having ex-boyfriend Ollie try to record their conversation about the fateful CD that marked “ground zero” for the hack! — she comes around and carefully meets up with Darlene at the group’s appropriated HQ.

Is Angela completely on board with fsociety’s cover-your-ass scheme? “I can’t tell you what she does…,” Portia Doubleday hedges, “but Angela is going to do something with Darlene that is pretty spectacular.”

That is good to hear, since it appears that Elliot might be out of commission for a bit on his end of things, having made the mistake of “looking” at what Ray’s broken website peddles — namely, a wide variety of wildly illegal things, from young abducted girls to munitions and more. Ratted out by Rat Tail, Elliot had been dragged out of bed and was getting an epic beatdown from Ray’s enforcers as we faded to black.

Elsewhere, Joanna Wellick had her goon dispatch with the parking lot attendant who was getting way too antsy about keeping mum to protect “the scrawny kid in the hoodie.” Even more dramatic, after the deed was done, she inquired about every single detail of the kill, while calmly breastfeeding. Later, Joanna received a call on the burner phone and only heard breathing — but pleaded with Tyrell to identify himself, to “say something.”

Over at the cop shop, Dom and the FBI made tracks for Beijing, to snoop around E Corp’s servers. Upon arrival, they were introduced to Minister Zheng (sp?) — aka White Rose’s male persona! During their first sitdown, Dom made the mistake of abruptly suggesting the culpability of the Dark Army hacker group based out of China. Afterward, at a party held at his lavish home, the minister — when not regaling Dom with the exquisite fashions in the closet of his “sister” — engaged in an almost Hannibal Lecter/Clarice Starling banter with the G-woman, trying to suss out the origin of her law enforcement career.

Did Dom’s (unwitting) encounters with the Dark Army leader take her too close to the flame? At episode’s end, Dom’s FBI “field trip” to one of E Corp’s Chinese server farms was interrupted by a harrowing hail of gunfire from two masked men, dropping colleagues left and right. Dom grabbed a gun and dispatched with one of the shooters, but as the hour drew to a close, the other seemingly had her in the crosshairs.

It’s no spoiler to say that, having just been introduced (and as revealed in our Comic-Con video Q&A), Dom is around at least a while longer. But the shootout will leave a mark on the intrepid fed.

“We’ll see her really struggling with having to deal with that, to go on from that,” says Grace Gummer, adding that the incident both scared Dom as well as confirmed that her investigation is on the right track. “It’s definitely a big turning point for her.”

What did you think of the episode “Logic Bomb”?

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