Pretty Little Liars Recap: Grave Consequences

Pretty Little Liars Recap

It may be hard to keep track of who’s really dead or alive in Rosewood these days, but after Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, there’s no doubt about one resident’s status.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen — Sara Harvey has left the building. Well, her spirit has left us. Her bloody corpse, on the other hand, is very much still in the bathtub of her room at The Radley, as discovered in the final moments of the episode by the world’s unluckiest maid. (Then again, this is Rosewood we’re talking about. I’m sure the hotel’s cleaning staff has seen much worse.)

As for Sara’s killer, I suppose Jenna is the obvious prime suspect; as a #JennaTruther, I’m convinced that “bitch can see” again. And Noel Kahn is, of course, standing right next to her in my line-up. I mean, why else would he have returned last week, only to be completely M.I.A. from this episode? … Unless we’re supposed to think Noel was the masked cop (“Honey, I’m home!”) who attacked Alison!

Man, you really can’t trust anyone in this town, can you? (You’d think that, after 145 episodes, I’d have accepted that simple truth — but it still blows my mind sometimes.)

Elsewhere this week…

* Aria gave Ezra a lot more than just an answer to his #PLLProposal. She got down on one knee chair and told him all about Elliott’s murder, a revelation she was sure would scare him off. But no, Aria’s former teacher responded to her confession with another proposal, one she tearfully accepted. (No offense, but did she really think the Elliott thing would scare him away? It might do her some good to binge the first six seasons as a reminder that Ezra’s no saint, himself.)

* And in case Spencer and Caleb’s heartbreaking split didn’t devastate you enough a few episodes back, this week’s installment found the exes in tears once again. In a nutshell, Spencer didn’t think she’d be able to love anyone after Toby… and then she reconnected with Caleb, to whom she’ll forever be grateful for re-opening her heart. Then came the final nail in the “Spaleb” coffin: Spencer advised Hanna to tell Caleb about her split from Jordan. It was basically a passing of the torch — only the torch in this scenario is, you know, Caleb.

* Before (allegedly) killing Sara, Jenna told Emily that she was (allegedly) friends with Charlotte; Mona had apparently built Jenna up in Charlotte’s eyes as some kind of “celebrity.” She claimed that all of her secret shenanigans have been to find out who really killed Charlotte, hence her cellular connection to Elliott and her knowledge that he was lying about his identity.

* And I honestly have no idea what to make of the police officer that Spencer hooked up with. Is he a good guy? A bad guy? A neutrally handsome guy who’s somehow completely oblivious to the darker workings of this town?

Time to talk back: Are you relieved that Aria accepted Ezra’s proposal? Did Jenna kill Sara? And who was that masked man, anyway? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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