The Last Ship Recap: Green Daze

This week on TNT’s The Last Ship, a black circle turned into a bull’s-eye for the Nathan James, as the true nature of Peng’s grand plan was discovered. Plus: a new POTUS brought new drama to the St. Louis White House.

Freshly armed with the intel that Takehaya had been curiously instructed by Peng to never pirate boats that were marked with a black circle, Chandler & Co. set out to decipher why. Having learned that Wu Ming was a bigger player than they first imagined — and after seeing that Peng razed his entire compound, to cover his tracks —  the James found “mamma’s boy” Wu Ming at his mother’s house, where he was getting roughed up by MSS. Danny, Wolf and the others infiltrated and subdued the baddies, then subject Wu Ming to fruitless questioning. But while there, they gleaned that some lottery tickets pinned to his wall in fact were marked with hull numbers of ships — and that on the back of one was a black circle.

After some recon, the ship in question was tracked down — though it was a simple pleasure cruiser, steered by a goofball? Upon boarding the vessel, Sasha and Danny found nothing of interest… until behind a stash of drugs, behind a hidden panel, they discovered a missile. Back on the James, inside the missile was found pellets filled with the same “green mist” that Takehaya’s wife recalled seeing in the air before they received the cure. Doc Rios determines that the gas contains a lectin that shields the Red Flu cells from being exposed the cure — and that is why the cure had no effect on Takehaya and his wife.

Now, the question becomes: Just how many of these missiles does Peng have at the ready, and how can the James possibly stifle his grand plan for genocide, by shielding people from the cure?

Elsewhere in the episode, President Oliver took the oath of office, and his first priority is for the people of America to see, via video, that the James hostages were rescued. Alas, Kara still can’t seem to solve for the strange interference their comms have been receiving, thus keeping video from getting through. Kara also finds that her opinions on non-military (read: domestic) matters are no longer welcome by Rivera and Shaw, the latter of whom has abruptly sold out Michener’s domestic agenda to the regional leaders. Is she the mole inside the White House, or is Rivera? And did Michener not kill himself?

What did you think of the episode “Sea Change”? And did you hear about The Last Ship‘s Season 4 renewal??


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