Ash vs. Evil Dead Cast Tease 'Epic, Badass' Ruby-Kelly 'Spinoff'

Spinoff buzz was in the air when the Ash vs. Evil Dead cast popped into TVLine’s Comic-Con studio, presented by ZTE, last weekend to talk up Season 2 of their blood-soaked Starz series. It all started when co-star Dana DeLorenzo revealed that an upcoming episode finds her fierce and ferocious character Kelly collaborating with the enemy, aka Lucy Lawless’ demonic Ruby.

“Lucy and I have a really epic moment together,” she previewed. “They team up together and we turn into a badass super duo.” DeLorenzo went on to brand the partnership Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s version of Thelma & Louise, which prompted leading man Bruce Campbell to (playfully) toss out the s-word.

Later, in the Q&A’s most poignant moment, Campbell explained what it meant — for the show and to him personally — to have the Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors, join the cast as Ash’s dad. “It’s awesome,” he marveled. “It’s one of those things you think will never happen.”

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