Girl Meets World Recap: Lucas' Choice Revealed (and Other Surprises)

Girl Meets World Recap

Friday’s Girl Meets World put an end to “the triangle,” witnessed the potential birth of a new relationship and ended with a jaw-dropping twist that brought the gang’s entire ski lodge experience full circle.

Let’s start with that messy triangle business: Jealousy (and a whole lot of confusion) reared its ugly head when Lucas and Maya discovered that Riley had stayed up all night talking to Evan, the lodge’s mysterious wannabe sherpa, who’s also… well, I’ll get to that later.

This inspired a super awkward talk between Lucas and Maya, in which he revealed — though not in so many words — that Riley is the girl he’s chosen to be with. And Maya was more than OK with that decision, having recently realized that she only pursued Lucas in the first place to keep Riley from getting hurt. Or something like that. (Honestly, it’s hard to keep track of why anyone on this show does anything anymore.)

Riley, of course, was thrilled with this news; the fact that Lucas promised to buy her cake was merely — pardon my pun — the cherry on top of the long-awaited revelation. And while Maya might not have been Lucas’ choice, she didn’t go home empty handed; Josh finally admitted that he liked her back, and didn’t exactly deny their potential for a relationship “someday.”

Now for that big twist I mentioned earlier: It turns out Evan, who’s technically responsible for reuniting Riley and Lucas, is the son of Boy Meets World villainess Lauren! So I guess that whole family exists solely to make sure the Matthews end up with their soulmates? Yeah, that sounds about right.

The dramatic escapade ended, as all episodes should, with a heart-to-heart at the bay window, in which Riley reminded Maya that no matter who enters and/or leaves their lives, she’ll always be her “extraordinary relationship.” D’aww.

Is this how you hoped GMW’s big “triangle” would be resolved? And what do you make of the episode’s other developments, including Josh’s confession and the big Evan/Lauren twist? Drop all of your thoughts in a comment below.