Hillary Clinton 'Joins' #TGIT Thursdays in Shonda Rhimes-Produced DNC Video

Will Shonda Rhimes hot streak of hits continue unabated?

We’ll know come November 8 (aka Election Day), seeing how the powerhouse producer’s (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder) latest project — along with fellow Shondaland EP Betsy Beers — involved producing a short film about presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that preceded her historic address at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Narrated by God himself Morgan Freeman, the 12-minute video found Clinton in a kitchen setting, discussing her upbringing, along with a variety of people — President Barack Obama, a 9/11 survivor and first responder, her husband Bill — offering humanizing details about the candidate, including her first experience being bullied. “There is no room for cowards in this house,” recounted Hillary, echoing her mother’s words about how she needed to go back outside and handle the situation.

As the narrative spanned her work on the Children’s Defense Fund, an undercover sting exposing unlawful segregation in Alabama schools and international initiatives on behalf of women’s rights, the film eventually worked its way to Clinton’s gig as Secretary of State under President Obama.

“Look at her. Look at her face,” implored Freeman’s voiceover, alongside an image of Clinton in the situation room, in the moments before U.S. forces killed Osama Bin Laden. “She’s carrying the hope and the rage of an entire nation.”

“It is an honor to provide America with an intimate portrait of Hillary,” said Rhimes, in a statement released by Clinton’s campaign in advance of the film. “Everyone already knows the powerhouse – now, with this piece, everyone will also get to know the person.”

“Producing this film was a major highlight of my career,” added Beers, “and I am incredibly honored that the campaign entrusted us with the responsibility. It is beyond inspiring to see this amazing woman secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.”

OK, but who’s in charge of B613? (We kid! We kid!)

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