Bill Maher Reacts to Hillary Clinton's Historic Moment: 'First We Had Lady Ghostbusters, Now This!'

Bill Maher wasted no time weighing in on Hillary Clinton‘s historic speech on Thursday, going live following the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.

The Real Time host described the hour-long address as “filled with hope and promise and real solutions to actual problems, which Fox News called ‘one way to go, I guess.'” And while he wasn’t willing to set jokes aside, the HBO funnyman seemed positive we had just seen the next President of the United States address the nation.

“So you just watched history being made,” he said to his audience. “First we had lady Ghostbusters, now this! America’s on a roll, ladies and gentlemen. [Laughs] But what a moment for Hillary, right? The first female president we’re going to have and it will change the world — not to mention what it’ll do for her speaking fees!”

Maher, who was an admitted supporter of Bernie Sanders before Clinton ultimately clinched the nomination, has for weeks been saying that a vote for the former Secretary of State is the lesser of two evils come Election Day. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that he also took a moment during his monologue to diss Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“[Clinton] laid out a vision I thought was amazing… Of course, we won’t know for sure until Donald Trump tweets about it. … It’s quite a choice we have: It’s either ‘I’m with her’ or ‘I’m with stupid.'”

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