The Bachelorette: 11 Wildest Reveals From the 'Men Tell All' Special

The Bachelorette Men Tell All

Six days before The Bachelorette‘s Joelle Fletcher selects her one true love, the annual “Men Tell All” special revealed 11 untold secrets from the season — and had us wondering why it wasn’t called “Little Boys Tell All.”

Indeed, much of the two-hour special found JoJo’s rejects bickering amongst themselves like children, with actor bad-boy Chad throwing most of the (metaphorical) punches. Below, please enjoy a smattering of the evening’s biggest jaw-droppers:

* Since being eliminated from the show, Chad has dated both Grant’s ex-girlfriend Jen and Robby’s ex-girlfriend Hope. “I’m not planning on getting married to them in three weeks, but … we talk,” Chad revealed. “All I can say is that they’re both beautiful women. They’re both absolutely amazing girls.”

* Chad alleged that Grant and Robby broke up with Jen and Hope in order to be on The Bachelorette.

* He also alleged that Robby “threatened” Hope not to do any interviews or he’d “come and get [her].”

* Per Chad, “Jordan is a liar and a cheater whose own brother won’t talk to him.”

* Chad claimed that Evan tried to push him first, otherwise he wouldn’t have ripped Evan’s shirt. After Chris Harrison replayed the tape in slow motion, the audience sided with Chad.

* Chad punched the wall because “it was better than saying bad words.” #JusticeForTheWall

* Luke, who is still single, had “anxiety attacks” for weeks after being eliminated. “I’m happy and I’m ready and I’m optimistic about what the future might hold. … I know the right person for me is out there.”

* “I still have love for JoJo,” Chase revealed.

* And JoJo admitted that she still feels “guilty” about the way she ended things with Chase.

* JoJo assured Derek that he was never given a “pity rose,” though she doesn’t regret using the word “reassurance.”

* Vinny was JoJo’s “best friend in the house.” (You know, because that’s what every guy wants to hear.)

Which “Men Tell All” revelation surprised you the most? And which guy do you think JoJo will choose next week? Drop a comment with all of your intelligent Bachelorette-related thoughts below.