Lena Dunham and America Ferrera Blast Donald Trump at Democratic Convention: Grade Their Speech

Lena Dunham‘s oft-discussed figure got its moment in the spotlight at the Democratic National Convention.

“Hi, I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably, like, a 2,” the Girls creator and star joked, as she introduced herself to the delegation.

“And I’m America Ferrera,” countered the star of Superstore and Ugly Betty. “And according to Donald Trump, I’m probably a rapist.”

After Dunham exclaimed that Ferrera isn’t actually Mexican, her podium buddy shot back, “And Preisdent Obama isn’t Kenyan, but that doesn’t stop Donald Trump!”

Ultimately, though, the actresses zeroed in on a difficult question looming over their heads. “We know what you’re all thinking,” confessed Dunham. “Why should [you] care what some television celebrity has to say about politics?”

“We feel the same way,” added Ferrera. “But [Trump, the former Celebrity Apprentice ringleader] is the Republican candidate — so we need to talk about him.”

Ferrera then turned serious, noting that “as the proud child of Honduran immigrants,” she attended public schools, relied on public arts programs, and “occasionally needed a free meal to get through the school day.”

Dunham, for her part, boasted that she’s “a pro-choice, feminist, sexual assault survivor with a chronic reproductive illness,” a woman who “Donald Trump thinks should be punished for exercising my constitutional rights.”

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