Sarah Silverman Mocks Republican Presidential Candidates, 'Bernie or Bust' Dems in DNC Speech

Comedian Sarah Silverman admitted to “feeling the Bern” at the start of her 2016 Democratic National Convention speech, but dang, she doled out some burns to members of both parties by the time she’d finished.

The Masters of Sex star started with a zinger that very likely crossed party lines: “Citizens United — isn’t that such a beautiful name for something that means ‘Billionaires Buying Politicians’? “

Eventually, though, Silverman eviscerated the jabs about penis size, sweat glands and other superficial concerns that plagued the Republican primary race eventually won by Donald Trump: “That stuff is for third graders. Come on! It’s like major arrested-development stuff. That’s ‘I’m still emotionally four and calling people names from my gold-encrusted sandbox because I was given money instead of human touch or coping tools’ stuff!”

Hillary Clinton got off with just a single goofy zinger from Silverman, regarding the presumptive Democratic nominee’s stint as Secretary of State: “It’s so inspiring that just a few years ago she was a secretary, and now she’s going to be president.”

As Silverman struggled to fill airtime while convention performer Paul Simon prepared his set, however, she aimed her acerbic wit at supporters of the candidate she supported during the primaries. “Can I just say to the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous!”

“I am proud to be a part of Bernie’s movement,” she Silverman concluded. “And a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that Hillary Clinton is our next president of the United States. Booyah! Bababooey!”

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