The 100 Cast, EP Talk Season 4, New Pairings (Raven as Clark's 'Daddy'?!), 'Cool' Peacemakers... and Showers

No sooner had Eliza Taylor and the gang from The 100 settled into TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE for their interview with Andy Swift than she took Lindsey Morgan‘s hand and said, “We have an announcement to make. Princess Mechanic — it’s on!”

She was kidding (probably). But even if she was dead serious, other obstacles might stand in the way of a Clarke/Raven coupling. “People want me and Abby to be in love,” Morgan told Taylor. “They want me to be your daddy.”

Also in the video above, the actresses shared their hopes for their characters in Season 4, Henry Ian Cusick discussed the importance of cool peacemakers on TV, Swift shocked the group with some breaking news, and Christopher Larkin promised that, next season, “Monty and Murphy are gonna have a giant battle. People have been waiting for it for years.

“Minimal clothing,” he added, grinning. “Tons of sweat.”

To find out what he threw in about the combatants’, er, crossed swords, you’ll have to press PLAY on the clip above and check it out for yourself.