Bones @ Comic-Con: Two (!) Deaths, Undercover Fun and More in Season 12

Bones Season 12

The Grim Reaper is coming for Bones.

Coming off the Season 11 finale’s Puppeteer serial killer twist, co-showrunner Michael Peterson revealed on Friday at the show’s farewell panel at San Diego Comic-Con that “two other people from past seasons will die” – though not any of the series regulars.

Mortality was also on star Emily Deschanel’s mind when asked how she’d like to see Brennan’s journey conclude. “Hopefully not in death,” she revealed. “I hope there’s some kind of happy ending on some level, even though I know there’s going to be some sadness in the [next] season.”

However the Fox drama wraps up, there will be another undercover adventure for Booth and Brennan before the series finale. “It’s a world we’ve never been in [that] only Booth and Brennan can do justice to,” co-showrunner Jonathan Collier teased.

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Other highlights from the panel:

* Season 12, Episode 11 will reveal the meaning of the 447 mystery.

* As Collier told TVLine, Eric Millegan’s Zack Addy will have a presence in Season 12, appearing in three or four episodes.

* TJ Thyne is feeling confident about his onscreen marriage, despite some of the challenges thrown at the couple recently. “I think Jack and Angela will always make it. I think we’ll be OK,” he said.

* Wedding bells are, indeed, ringing for Cam and Arastoo! “I kind of thought the writers were going to cheat me out of a wedding, but it sounds like they’re not,” Tamara Taylor shared.

Bones‘ final season is slated to air in early 2017.