Bill Maher Mocks, Trevor Noah Fact-Checks Trump's RNC Address

Bill Maher and Trevor Noah each got off to a late start on Thursday following Donald Trump’s lengthy speech at the Republican National Convention. Both Real Time and The Daily Show were pushed back over 30 minutes to allow each host to respond to an address that Maher described as both “bleak” and “remarkable.”

“[It] was pretty remarkable how bleak this speech was,” Maher explained. “It was really just about death. Crime is going to kill you, immigrants are going to kill you, terrorists are going to kill you. He has a new hat that says ‘Make America Goth Again.’ It was so depressing Melania started plagiarizing a suicide note. And of course the people in the hall loved it, you know, ‘finally a candidate who can bring this country apart.'”


Noah, on the other hand, urged every viewer to “live each day like it’s their last” following a speech he described as”a thin shell of candy covering a chocolate center of hate.” The Comedy Central personality then lasered in on the false figures provided by Trump on crime, taxes and illegal immigration. (Noah later promised that he’d present an even more thorough fact-checking on Friday’s episode.)

“Just to make you feel better, yes, there is a recent spike in homicides in major cities, but overall, America is in the middle of an historic crime drop,” he explained. “America is nowhere near the most taxed nation in the world and illegal immigration has dropped to the lowest total since 2003. So if you’ve been watching the show while hiding under your bed, I want you to know that you can come out.”

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