Ashley Tisdale Reveals What You Won't See in the Young & Hungry Spinoff

Young & Hungry Spinoff

Ashley Tisdale is pulling a reverse Blindspot.

As Freeform prepares to test the waters for a Logan-centric Young & Hungry spinoff — Wednesday’s episode (8/7c), titled “Young & Sofia,” serves as a backdoor pilot — Tisdale’s character is undergoing a pretty major change of her own.

“In the past, Logan had full arm tattoos,” Tisdale reminds TVLine. “When she was just a character doing guest appearances on Young & Hungry, it was so easy to do something like that. But thinking bigger picture, if [the spinoff] were to take off, we’d have to re-examine the tattoos. They’re hard to get off. They stay on for a couple of days, so having to redo that every week would be really exhausting in the hair and makeup chair.”

Keep reading for our full Q&A with Tisdale, including which of Tisdale’s former co-stars she’d consider casting as one of Logan’s love interests:

TVLINE | From promos, we can tell that Logan is a tough boss. What will Sofia need to do to survive?
Sofia needs to prove herself, for sure. Part of Logan’s whole ordeal is that she’s never had an assistant last long enough, so Sofia’s going to have to show that she’s willing to do the job without backing down.

TVLINE | And this won’t be like Young & Hungry where the employer sleeps with the employee on the first night?
[Laughs] Definitely not. I mean, Logan is gay, but that’s not happening.

TVLINE | We’re always learning something new about Logan. What will Wednesday’s episode reveal?
This time around, you realize how empowering she is as a woman. She’s running her own company called Clikd Media, which is a little like BuzzFeed, and she has a lot of pressure on her. People tend to be like, “She’s bitchy,” but I think it’s more that she just gets straight to the point. 

TVLINE | And this episode will give us a pretty solid idea of what the spinoff will look like?
Definitely. It takes place at Clikd Media, and it’s really a workplace comedy. There are new characters, played by Ryan Pinkston and Steve Talley, and you get a sense for everybody’s different dynamics. It’s the beginning of Sofia’s journey, wanting to assist Logan and seeing if she’s even capable of doing that. It’s different from Young & Hungry, in a good way. If it does branch out into its own thing, we want it to feel different.

TVLINE | Will it be strange for you to cast your character’s potential girlfriends?
Well, I cast Jessica Lowndes as Logan’s ex-girlfriend on Young & Hungry, so that wouldn’t be new. But, for example, Ryan Pinkston was on Clipped with me. Everyone on that show was best friends, so the fact that I was able to say, “I think we should bring Ryan in on this” is kind of scary. Like, you know how talented your friend is, and you just have to hope that everyone else feels the same way.” And he’s so perfect for the part.

TVLINE | If you could invite any former co-star to come play your love interest, who would it be?
I mean, I’d really have to think about it. Any of my friends I’ve worked with, of course, I’d love to have on the show.

TVLINE | I was really hoping you’d say Vanessa Hudgens. High School Musical fans would lose their minds.
[Laughs] Well, she’s on her own show right now. So the scheduling would be kind of hard.

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