SNL's Weekend Update: Jost, Che and 'Ginsburg' Blast Trump, Mike Pence, Chris Christie During RNC Edition

Colin Jost and Michael Che took Weekend Update to the Republican National Convention Wednesday night in a special MSNBC edition of the popular Saturday Night Live segment.

The comedic duo used the unprecedented airtime to take jabs at the likes of actor Scott Baio, former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Donald Trump VP pick Mike Pence, whose speech ran longer than expected earlier in the evening.

After an especially unfunny remote where Che played a game of “Trumpémon GO,” in which he attempted to locate minorities on the convention floor, he and Jost were joined by fellow Not Ready for Primetime Player Kate McKinnon as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Among their best quips and zingers:

* Che referred to the RNC populace as looking like a “Gary Busey lookalike contest,” to which Jost added that Busey may be “more levelheaded.”

* “We’re right next to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” said Jost, “which is where you will find all of the legendary artists who won’t let Republicans use their music.”

* “For those of you just joining us, Mike Pence just finished speaking and you can still feel the electricity in the room. Static electricity created by all of the shoes softly shuffling towards the exit,” Jost joked.

* “All those Trump celebrities… boy did he bring out the heavy hitters. I mean Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr., one of the Duck Dynasty dudes… I mean, get this: they were all available,” Che said. Jost then added that “Trump says he wanted the best and brightest,” and “I honestly worry Trump thinks Baio and Sabato is Spanish for best and brightest. … I thought Trump’s whole point is that he’s trying to deport people named Chachi.”

* On Giuliani’s Night 1 speech, Jost had this to say: “Nothing unites people like screaming at them. It sounded like his cable went out during the middle of The Price is Right.”

* On Chris Christie’s Night 2 speech condemning Hillary Clinton: “I don’t know if people pointed this out, but Christie actually plagiarized part of his speech from the Salem Witch Trials.”

* McKinnon’s Ginsburg, who recently made an enemy out of Trump by publicly doubting his ability to govern, said the Republican nominee “picked a fight with the wrong 15-pound, 200-year-old marionette doll.” She later claimed she rode into the RNC on a dog: “His name’s Mike Pence, and he just got Ginsburg’d!”

* “Ginsburg” on the possibility of Trump appointing Christie to the Supreme Court: “I’d rather have an empty chair than a broken chair.”

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